Maya建模技术:Maya Nurbs 车轮建模(2)

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maya nurbs 车轮建模
     翻译说明: 为了让大家更能理解这个教程,我并不翻译其中一些命令,这样可以让一些初学者 ( 不是很熟悉 maya nurbs 建模命令 ) 更快找到这些命令。另:我的英文不好,所以在翻译的时候会有一些不足之处,如果有让你发笑的地方,请你给我提醒,我将更改过来 , 我的 email: [email protected]

now select the other shapes (triangle and small shapes in the center) (pic 11) and then extrude them to -0.5 of -z axis (pic 12). remember : to extrude a curve as nurbs, open your extrude option box and set the style to distance, and make sure output geometry has been set to nurbs

现在选择其它曲线 ( 三角形和中心那些小圆 )(pic 11), 然后在 -z 轴上 extrude -0.5 的距离 .
记住 : extrude 出来是应该椒 nurbs 曲面,打开你的 extrude 选项,设定距离并确定输出的几何体为 nurbs 曲面 .

before entering this fillet & trim work, there is something important that we should know about preview resolution (antialias settings) and tessellation smoothness within maya.

在进入 fillet 及 trim 的工作之前,有一些很重要的事情我们应该了解一下 maya 的镶嵌的圆滑设置 .

most of new maya users are shy of this nurbs gaps that are caused by fillet & trim works.

很多的使用 maya 的人都会造成此类现象。

when using nurbs with lots of fillet & trim works, it is important to preview the scene with production quality on render globals. even if it's just a preview, production quality has soft multi-pixel filtering. anti-alias is important for nurbs with fillet & trim in maya. in this case, i am not talking about rebuilding the surfaces, but we could use smooth anti-alias combined with better tessellation settings to close the gaps.

当你在使用 nurbs 做一些 fillet 和 trim 的工作时,在全局渲染里将预视图设为产品质量 (production quality) 是很重要的 . 虽然它只是预视图,产品质量 (production quality) 可以圆滑缝合点 . 抗锯齿 (anti-alias) 在 maya 里的设置,对 fillet 和 trim nurbs 表面也是同样重要 . 在这种情况下,我不是想说要重建表面,我们可以通过对抗锯齿的设置来改善它 .