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Wordpress YouTube playlist plugin

WP MyTube is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to add YouTube playlists, user specified and individual YouYube Videos. The player has attached to it a playlist containing ALL videos in your playlist. By simply opening and clicking a thumbnails, the player will start playing the particular video clicked. The attached playlist will display the user videos giving you the possibility to add several videos and only one player in your blog posts. This is very useful, for example, if you are a publisher that wants to display his youtube videos into a blog post. More about this

Wordpress 2.7.1+ featured articles plugin

Featured articles gives the wordpress blog admin the possibility to display posts in a slick n cool way on the home page, just above the first post from the loop. It抯 developed for Wordpress 2.7.1 with the help of MooTools 1.2, probably the best JavaScript framework around ( please don抰 try to argue on this on the comments ). More about this

JavaScript chained select with MooTools 1.2

ChainedSelect is a MooTools 1.2 JavaScript plugin that enables the user to navigate through parent ?children tree structure with indefinite number of nodes and make a selection when the desired option is encountered. This approach offers a more powerful solution versus the classical drop down boxes chained together for a number of reasons: it takes significantly less space in the page; it can contain any number of nested levels, navigation would not be harmed; it can be styled according to the overall page design from CSS and most of all, it looks better. More about this

MooHover ?CSS hover the MooTools way

MooHover is a MooTools 1.2 JavaScript class that replaces regular links and form buttons with hover effect transition between two different images, giving a flash like aspect to links and/or button and submit form inputs. This plugin is intended to be a stylish replacement of the CSS hover declaration. If JavaScript is by some reason disabled or not working, the page will display the default instance of the elements replaced. More about this
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